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Prices of a childbirth in Singapore

03 Aug 2017

It is not easy to estimate the insurance you need to cover your maternity in Singapore. The cost of giving birth here could be doubled – depending on the type of hospital you choose to stay at (whether private/public), the type of room selected (private, ward A-C) and even on the kind of delivery you decide on (C-section or normal birth). 

Listed below are the average costs for child delivery at different hospitals in Singapore. Note that these prices cover delivery, but not the consultations made during the pregnancy.


Type of childbirthHospitalPrivate / PublicType of roomAverage cost (SGD)*
Caesarean (no complication)Gleneagles HospitalPrivate1 bed18,466
2 beds18,984
Mount Elizabeth HospitalPrivate1 bed18,164
2 beds12,585
Mount Elizabeth Novena HospitalPrivate1 bed16,531
Raffles HospitalPrivate1 bed17,899
Thomson Medical CenterPrivate1 bed12,017
2 beds10,251
Singapore General HospitalPublicWard A9,393
Ward B17,747
KK Women's and Children's HospitalPublicWard A10,403
Ward B18,158
National University HospitalPublicWard A8,381
Ward B15,713
Normal deliveryGleneagles HospitalPrivate1 bed11,758
2 beds8,570
Mount Elizabeth HospitalPrivate1 bed11,664
2 beds8,465
Mount Elizabeth Novena HospitalPrivate1 bed10,356
Raffles HospitalPrivate1 bed10,532
Thomson Medical CentrePrivate1 bed8,226
2 beds6,626
Singapore General HospitalPublicWard A5,533
Ward B13,992
KK Women's and Children's HospitalPublicWard A5,938
Ward B14,142
National University HospitalPublicWard A5,742

* Source: Singapore Ministry of Health


On average, a young mother would stay in hospital for at least 2-3 days.We strongly advise you to get advance confirmation that your gynecologist will be able to perform your delivery in the hospital of your choice. Cases like these happen frequently: where mothers-to-be would like to have their child delivered in a public hospital, but are instead required to give birth at the private hospital their chosen gynecologist is associated with.


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August 2017

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