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How much does an hospitalization cost in Singapore?

10 Aug 2017

The hospitalization cost in Singapore of the same kind of treatment might indeed change dramatically in Singapore, even for minor cases. This is because the average cost difference between Singapore’s public and private hospitals is around 70%. In some cases, the bills could even be 10 times higher, which is the case for an appendix surgery, for example! This is why it is crucial to be well informed about the different covers that your contracted health insurance provide. It is also important to be aware of the different hospitals charges in Singapore – especially, the differences in prices between private and public ones.

Insurance companies are perfectly aware of this considerable price gap, and they would pass on the additional costs of the premiums. Most of the time, you can choose between two types of coverage: the first type includes the costs in public hospitals, while the second is for private hospitals, which is considerably more expensive.

Another consideration would have a big, direct impact on the cost of your health insurance – that is, the type of hospital room you choose (whether you pick private, semi-private, ward A, ward B1, and so on). Here begs the question: would you prefer to be alone in your private hospital room, or are you prepared to share a room with other patients?

Reason for admissionPrivate / PublicHospitalRoom typeAverage number
of days
Average price (SGD)*
Appendix surgery (without complications)PrivateRaffles HospitalPrivate2.521,833
PublicSingapore General HospitalSemi-private2.92,623
Back problems (without complications)PrivateRaffles HospitalPrivate1.97,567
PrivateGleneagles HospitalSemi-private1.75,656
PublicSingapore General HospitalPrivate34,873
Fading/syncope (without serious complication)PrivateMount Elizabeth HospitalPrivate1.88,013
PublicSingapore General HospitalPrivate1.93,761

* Source: Singapore Ministry of Health

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August 2017

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