You are an American family arriving in Singapore for a new adventure? You are wondering about the difference between your home country's health system and the Singaporean one?

The UEX team had the chance to interview one of our happy customers. She is American, and has recently moved to Singapore with her lovely family. As an expatriate, she knows that relocating to a new country is a challenge.

Let's discover her testimony and her tips for new arrivals to kick-start their journey in the Lion City!


1.What surprised you the most about the Singaporean healthcare system compared to the American one?

What surprised me as an American was the payment mode both for outpatient and inpatient. In the United States, there is no upfront payment. The insurance first pays all costs, then you will receive a bill afterwards and you get reimbursed a certain amount depending on your insurance coverage plan. Also, you don't need any Letter of Guarantee, whereas in Singapore you do.

Another surprising thing is that, in Singapore, maternity coverage is often in option of an insurance plan. In the United States, maternity coverage is not an option, it is always under the same insurance plan.


2.In your opinion, what should Americans pay attention to?

I would say that they should be very careful about check-ups, vaccination and wellness in general which are not necessarily covered by basic insurance plans in Singapore. In the United States, all these costs are directly covered by your insurance plan since the state considers it as a good way to reduce health-related costs in the long run.

As an American, you must also be very careful about your employer's health coverage. In the United States, your employer's coverage is often enough, but in Singapore you would probably need to top-up your coverage.


3.Do you have any stories to share with us about the healthcare system in Singapore?

Recently my son went to the doctor to get his vaccinations. I found that it went very well. The way it worked was little or no different than the one in the United States. In terms of quality of health care, I didn't have a real cultural shock. I think it's important to have it in mind.


4.Why did you choose UEX to take care of you and your family?

First, what immediately convinced me at UEX was the quality of customer service. I was really well informed about healthcare system in Singapore and the different insurance plans, which helped me choose the best coverage plan for me and my family.

So in the end, in addition to the products offered, I especially appreciated the availability of the advisors, the good communication and their clear explanations.


The UEX team would like to thank this customer for sharing her experience and tips with us and our readers.

Are you an American arriving our living in Singapore?

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