At UEX, we believe that health insurance is very personal and should respond to each and everyone's specific needs. For example, if you are a single young worker, you will not have the same needs as a family with kids. If you travel a lot to practice extreme sports, you will need specific coverage compared to less active people.

This dedicated article helps you understand if your employers' health plan covers you sufficiently.

To understand the coverage you really need, we advise you to analyze your habits and to think about the risks you face during your everyday life, your hobbies and projects.
Below are some examples you might have to consider.


Whether you are in a relationship, married, or if you have children, you might want to cover your partner, spouse/husband, and children. In some cases, it might be advantageous to insure all the family members with the same insurance company. For example, it will ease the signatures and renewal and you can sometimes profit from a family discount from the insurance company.


If you plan to have a child in Singapore, you should consider maternity insurance.
It is important to note that a 10 to 12 months waiting period usually applies for maternity insurance. During this period, your insurance won't cover any expenses linked to your pregnancy.
To know more about the costs of maternity, you can refer to our dedicated article.


Whether you want to prevent emergency expenses, medical repatriation or regular consultations in another country, you might need a specific health plan to be covered outside Singapore.

In addition to these considerations, it is important to be aware of the costs of consultations and hospitalizations in Singapore. This might help you understand if you need to be covered or if you can/want to face these costs by your own means.

We provide you below with some useful information to help you understand the costs of hospitalizations and consultations in Singapore:


A hospitalization in Singapore can be very expensive.
For example, an appendix surgery without complications can vary from S$4,600 in a public hospital to S$17,800 in a private hospital.

For more information about the costs related to hospitalization in Singapore, you can refer to the dedicated article.


General Practitioner or GP

The cost of regular consultation with a General Practitioner (GP) will vary depending on the practitioner. A short consultation with a local GP would cost around S$20, a home consultation would start from S$120. If you need to consult an international practitioner, the cost of a consultation at the International Medical Clinic will raise significantly.



Specialists are specialized healthcare professionals who practice in only one particular area. Dermatology, gynecology or dentist are a few examples of specialties.

Consultations with specialists can also be very expensive in Singapore, however, if you include specialists in your cover, the cost of your health plan can also rise significantly. This is why it is very important to understand the costs of specialist consultations.

Here are some examples of specialist consultations' costs:

Dental and optical care

When included in your health insurance contract, dental and optical care are not considered in the specialist coverage but are often part of a distinct option.
In Singapore, costs are as follows:

  • Dentist: a preventive consultation with the dentist starts from S$30, the cost of a simple tooth extraction starts from S$100.

To know more about dental care you can refer to our dedicated article

To know more about ophthalmology in Singapore, you can read our dedicated article.

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is a type of practice used instead of traditional therapies. Alternative treatments can be a complement of standard medicine. This can be physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, etc...

  • If you have been prescribed some physiotherapy following a hospitalization, this will be covered according to your inpatient coverage. However, if you decide to consult a physiotherapist without a prescription, this consultation will be considered as alternative medicine.

As an example, a physiotherapy first visit at the Raffles Hospital costs around S$100.

To know more about General Practitioners, Specialists, Alternative Medicine and their coverage with UEX, you can refer to our dedicated article.

Once your needs and their related costs are identified, you should be in a position to determine what you really need to cover and you can compare these costs with the coverage you have. If you benefit from health insurance provided by your employer and you are unsure about how well this plan covers you, you can refer to our dedicated article.

If you feel like the cover provided by your employer doesn't meet your needs, you can always contract additional protection, called top-up.
The following article will help you understand how to top-up your existing health insurance with UEX.

Check out our Health Guide here to find all information about your health insurance contract and top-ups at a glance.

To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand how your health insurance plans cover the healthcare costs, you can approach UEX’s happiness team by email for more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

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