Will you soon be a parent? Congratulations! You probably have a lot of questions about how to handle administrative procedures after giving birth – including your baby’s health coverage. Is your baby covered by your health insurance plan? Is he/she covered from Day-1? How to get an insurance coverage for your kid?

There are several ways to cover your newborn. Let’s dig deeper to understand the options available and the conditions of each one of them.


How do I add my newborn to a health insurance coverage?

When subscribing to a maternity coverage, it is important to check that your newborn will be covered by your health insurance. Or you have already given birth and you are wondering how you can cover your newborn?


If you are already a UEX member with an international coverage (with AXA or APRIL)

First option, you’ve already had a maternity option in your international health coverage (AXA Base plan 3 or 4 or APRIL Extensive or Elite plan) for at least one year.

Good news, this is the best situation for you and your newborn. 

In that case, it’s easy: 

  • You and your future baby will be covered in case of complications related to the delivery. 
  • Your baby will also be covered since his date of birth onwards if you add him to the mother’s policy within 28 days after the baby’s birth

Focusing on the baby’s need:

  • Pediatricians fees will be fully covered. No letter of referral from the GP will be needed. 
  • Vaccinations of your baby will also be covered. 

With your AXA international plan, with a maternity option: 

  • Vaccinations will be covered up to SGD 900/year with Base Plan 3 , and up to SGD 1,800/year with Base Plan 4. 
  • Notes that there is a 90 days of waiting period. It means that your baby will be covered for vaccines 90 days after the starting date of his/ her policy.

If you are covered by an APRIL international Extensive or Elite plan: 

  • Your baby’s vaccinations will be covered up to SGD 350/year with an outpatient coverage level 2 (Extensive) and up to SGD 550/ year with the coverage level 3 (Elite).
  • With the level 1 (Essential), the vaccinations of your baby will not be covered.

Note that if you have been covered with UEX for more than 366 days you will not have to complete a health declaration for your child to be covered. 

Second option, you have an international plan, but without maternity option.

With your  AXA health insurance plan: 

In this case, you can add your baby to your policy, but there will be a waiting period of 14 days, during which your baby will not be covered. You kid will be covered from Day 15 starting from his/ her date of birth.

To add the baby to your cover, contact your UEX advisor. Don’t forget to prepare the birth certificate as it will be required.

With your APRIL health insurance plan: 

You can add your baby to your policy. In this case, he will be covered right when discharged from the hospital


If you are already a UEX member with a local coverage (Base Plan 1 or 2 with AXA) 

With local plans, you cannot subscribe to a maternity option. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your baby will not be covered at all. 

With a local plan with AXA (Base Plan 1,2 or 2+), you can add your baby to your policy but there will be a waiting period of 14 days. Your newborn will be  covered from his/her 15th day. 

Focusing on the baby’s needs: 

  • these plans cover pediatrician up to SGD 150/year with a Base Plan 1 and SGD 250/year with a Base Plan 2. You will not need a referral letter for child below 36 months old. 
  • Vaccinations will not be covered at all.  


If you are not a UEX member, but want to cover your baby anyway 

In this case, you have 2 options: you can cover your baby with AXA or with APRIL. 

You chose to cover your baby with AXA: 

If you are not a UEX member, upon subscribing to an insurance plan, there is a waiting period of 14 days after the baby’s date of birth. Then, you can: 

  • Insure the baby only. In this case, there will be a 20% loading (i.e increase) on your insurance premium. 
  • Choose a cover for yourself and the baby. The baby will have to be 15 days old to be eligible to be covered.

Don’t forget that if you want your baby to be covered in this case, you will have to choose an international coverage Base Plan 3 or 4. With local plans (Base plan 1,2 or 2+), vaccinations are not covered. With international coverages (Base plan 3 or 4), you are covered both for: 

– Pediatrician: covered under the specialist limit for base 1, 2 and 2+. Fully covered and no letter of referral needed under Base 4 & 5

– Vaccinations: cover after 90 days waiting period with Base 3 & 4. The limits for vaccinations are up to SGD 900/year with Base plan 3 and SGD 1,800/year with Base plan 4.

You chose to cover your baby with APRIL: 

You can cover your baby with an APRIL international plan. If you do so:  

  • General practitioners (GP) and Specialists consultation fees (for pediatrician for example) are fully covered with APRIL outpatient coverage level 1, 2 or 3. 
  • There are 2 levels of coverages for vaccinations: with an outpatient coverage level 2 (Extensive plan), vaccinations will be covered up to SGD 350/ year and up to SGD 550/year with an outpatient coverage level 3 (Elite plan). Vaccinations are not covered with an outpatient coverage level 1.
  • There is no waiting period, your baby will be covered right after being discharged from the hospital. he will leave the hospital.
  • There are no loading when subscribing to an APRIL health coverage. 


For sure, having a baby in Singapore is something you have to prepare! If you want your baby to be covered right after his birth, you should subscribe to a maternity coverage for at least 1 year before the birth date of your child. That is to say  even before you become pregnant. 

However, don’t worry, in any case, there are always solutions to cover your baby! You’ll just have to wait until the waiting period ends.

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