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How can I find AXA's panelist?

There are two ways to find the AXA panelist. First, you can connect to your AXA account via MyAXA Health App on the tab "Find a doctor". Secondly, you can find the list here. Your panel is also available within your UEX account in the detail of your coverage.

Are diagnostic tests covered if they are performed by my GP?

It depends on your plan! If you have a local coverage with Base Plan 1 or 2, your tests will be covered only if they are prescribed by a Specialist, and up to your specialist diagnostics test limit.
However, if you have an international coverage with Base Plan 3 or 4, they will be covered up to the policy limit. You can find more information about GP and Specialist in our dedicated article.

Can I modify my current contract during its year of validity? For example, if I want to add dental to my ongoing contract is that possible?

No! In order to modify your health insurance contract, you must wait for your renewal date. Only then would you be able to change it.

Once I subscribe to my health insurance, can I go see a doctor straight away?

It depends. There is no waiting period to see a General Practitioner or a specialist. On the other hand, for any planned hospitalizations, the delay is 30 days. However, you are immediately covered once you subscribe to your health insurance for any hospitalization due to an accident. Everything is explained in our article about health insurance contract.

Repatriation is already covered in my health insurance, should I top-up with travel insurance?

Depends on the area of coverage of your insurance policy. If you only have a local coverage, while repatriation and medical emergency are covered, medical consultations and treatments are not covered. With travel insurance, it provides coverage in the event you need medical attention if you fall sick while you are traveling. In addition,, travel insurance will have you covered for luggage delay, flight cancellation, as well as theft. For example, if your camera was stolen during your trip, this insurance will cover it. For the most adventurous, travel insurance will also cover you for diving, trekking, climbing, paragliding... All the advantages of travel insurance are related in our dedicated article


I am covered with UEX base plan 3 only, and we are planning on having kids. Can I subscribe to the maternity option? Is there a waiting period?

You can do a modification to your plan and add the maternity option to your base plan 3 or 4 only at the renewal date. Then, there will be a waiting period of 365 days. Once this period is over, you can start claiming for any maternity-related issues and routine cares.


For more information about health insurance and the most important elements of your contracts, you can check out our Health Guide.


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