On the occasion of UEX's special week "Prevention against the Dengue virus", we had the opportunity to interview Clement Bouthelier, co-founder of UEX. He himself suffered of Dengue.

At the moment, more and more cases of Dengue in Singapore are identified by the National Environmental Agency. We are living a peak of contamination of this virus. But what is Dengue?

A few weeks ago Clement was infected with the Dengue virus. Today, out of his convalescence, he explains us in this video how he thinks he has been infected, his first symptoms and the actions he took to get better!

This interview provides essential answers to questions you may have about Dengue. 

A special thanks to Clement for explaining and testifying of the Dengue virus and answering our questions. His experience teaches us more about this virus and how we get infected. This also helps us to know what to do when it happens.

For more information on dengue, you can read this article. Check out more UEX videos on our YouTube channel.

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