Preventive Medicine can make a difference to your health. It brings you an early detection of medical conditions that are not obvious to the untrained eye, or not fully developed yet. Health screening is one of the first step to safeguarding your health, it prevents potential diseases, and help to manage early conditions

What are health screenings?

A health screening regroups several medical exams (blood analysis, X-ray, MRI, etc.). It can be done after a discussion with your doctor, to check specific parts of your body or it can be done by purpose, as a health general check-up.

Medical centers and hospitals in Singapore usually offer health screening packages, that include different types of exams according to your situation and your age.

Different types of health screening might be offered :

    • General, that includes: chest X-ray ; screen of diabetic, bones, lipid, hepatitis virus ; haematology screen, stool and urine analysis, retinal photography

    • Pre-marital, including anthropometry, haematology, hepatitis and STD profiles. You also can add fertility screen.

    • For women, that includes: hormonal profile, screening mammogram

    • For men, that includes cancer markers for prostate and pancreas

    • For Silver

    • Heart screening

    • Sport screening

    • And cancer markers


How to choose my health screening?

Choosing your health screening depends on many factors, such as:

    • family history, you will have to select exams for specific diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.) if you have a family history of cancer

    • age, you will not be exposed to the same risks at 25 and at 50

    • lifestyle, different daily habits could cause a variety of health effects (for instance, smokers are more likely to have more health risk with their lungs)

    • present health complaints

When should I go for my first health screening?

There is no right time to go for your first health screening, but when you have a family history of cancer, it is recommended to go earlier.

However, regular health screenings help you to follow up your health condition and to detect conditions that may develop after the previous one.


How much does a health screening cost?

Even if some packages have the same names, each establishment has its own health screening, so do not hesitate to check the details of each of those packages.

Here are some prices of Health Screening packages, proposed by both private and public hospitals:

    • Basic health screening : from 131.60 SGD at Mount Alvernia Hospital, from 473 to 946 SGD at Singapore General Hospital

    • Pre-marital screening : 278.50 SGD for individual and 493 SGD for a couple at Mount Alvernia Hospital

    • Woman health screening : from 422,70 to 1421 SGD at Mount Alvernia Hospital, from 334 to 516 SGD at Singapore General Hospital, 738 SGD at Parkway East Hospital (with their "Plus Package")

    • Man health screening : from 422,70 to 1164.20 SGD at Mount Alvernia Hospital, 708 SGD at Parkway East Hospital (with their "Plus Package")

    • Tumor marker : from 90 to 130.86 SGD at Singapore General Hospital

    • Heart screening : 875.30 SGD at Mount Alvernia Hospital

Those health screenings are often included in international health insurance plans (such as our Base Plan 3 & 4), and might sometimes even be offered by employers. You can also find much cheaper services, such as MyDoc whose main offer is based on health screening.


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