Andreane Campeau has been living in Singapore with her lovely family for almost one year. She is the happy mother of two children : a 4-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. She used to live in Canada with her family where the weather is, for sure, radically different from the one in Singapore. Before moving to the Lion city, Andreane admits that she didn't know what the Haze was!

Discover her testimony to find out how this mother deals with the Haze phenomenon in Singapore! Andreane shares with us her concerns about the Haze and her tips to protect herself and her family from air pollution.


How and where do you get the information on the haze?

Mostly on social media and on the official website of the government of Singapore.

I also consult the NEA website quite regularly, about 4 times a day, which updates the figures for PM2.5 and PSI levels on a daily basis.It allows me to stay informed and adapt my children's activities according to the level of air pollution outdoors. Last week-end, during the peak of Haze, the NEA website was very useful to me.


Do you or your family experience any symptoms during this hazy period?

Yes, for sure.

During the peak of this weekend, my children and I could really feel the smell of sulfur and burning outside. After only ten minutes outside, my children's eyes watered and their noses were blocked, as if they were allergic to something.


Did you consult a doctor for haze prevention? If yes, what was the advice of the doctor?

No, I didn't think it was necessary to consult a doctor. I want to be cautious for my children's health, but I don't want to be excessive either. I think that the recommendations and advice I have read on social media and on the NEA website are sufficient.


How do you organise your activities (outdoors, indoors, at school...) during this period?

For the organization of our activities my choice was quite simple. I chose to follow the advice I had read: in case of Haze, you should prefer indoor activities to outdoor ones. With young children, it is a little complicated to force them to stay at home or indoors because they have a lot of energy and need to exercise. But in Singapore there are many malls for example that offer activities for children like indoors playground.


How do you and your family protect yourselves from the haze?

I have to admit that when I heard about Haze, I was a little worried about the impact it could have on the health and especially for my children. I didn't know about this phenomenon before I moved to Singapore, so I had to learn more about it. I ordered N95 masks for my children, which they wear when they are outside. I also bought air purifiers for the house. It works pretty well, I think.


Could you share some tips for parents like you who have to deal with the haze?

My first advice is that it's important to take into consideration that your children are more sensitive than you are. Especially if you have young children, their immune systems are still weak.

My other advice would be that we should keep informed and take into account the government and NEA requirements.


We would like to thank Andreane for answering our questions and for sharing her personal experience about the Haze with us.

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