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This month, UEXPress meets Julien Labruyere, co-founder of Sleek.


Sleek, a start-up that helps and accompanies entrepreneurs


After a successful entrepreneurial career, several years in Singapore and with the help of his 2 co-founders Adrien and Oriane, Julien started 2 years ago the Sleek adventure.

The idea of this start-up came to him thanks to the experience he had in creating, investing and collaborating with many companies in Asia. He was not satisfied with the quality of services proposed in Singapore for the incorporation, accounting processes, taxes of entrepreneurs and start-ups...

Realizing the real need, shared by other entrepreneurs, Julien, Adrien and Oriane created Sleek. A start-up that helps entrepreneurs and investors create and manage their companies from a legal and accounting perspective.


Entrepreneurship, Julien's feedback


Julien is passionate about what he does and shares with us what he loves as an entrepreneur. He also gives us some advice on the key stages of a start-up creation: to surround ourselves with great co-founders, investors, employees ...


Find all this information in Julien's interview and find even more here Sleek.


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