UEX Global, the first InsurTech platform in Singapore announces its partnership with Singapore's largest independent fitness community UFIT, to combine health insurance, wellness prevention and sport.

A new healthcare and wellness ecosystem

Caring for people and employees health and wellness even before selling insurance is in UEX DNA. The Health Insurtech wants to build a healthcare wellness providers ecosystem to give access to its community.

"UFIT is pushing the boundaries of the fitness industry in Singapore and uniquely offering full health insurance cover to all of our employees. UEX quite simply stood out to us with their energy and personalised approach which matches our values perfectly, and we look forward to working with them" said UFIT CEO, William Skinner.

The goal of this partnership is to merge the concept of health and wellness together, to create a flexible health insurance program that match the needs of everyone. UEX offers UFIT staffs and their community access to innovative services and preferential rates for their customised health insurance. UFIT in return believes in UEX to cover all their employees and offers UEX staffs perks like access to bootcamp. But most of all to spread the word of the new innovative health insurance product to its expat and corporate community

"We are proud to launch this partnerships with UFIT as we both have the same value which is caring first for our members. UFIT human centric approach is strong and directly creates the feeling to be part of a larger community which is also very important for UEX. Our first priority is to prevent and secure people from health risks. What is better than getting UFIT sport personal trainers as UEX new ambassadors." added Gregoire Rastoul, Founder and CEO of UEX

Because health, sport and wellness are linked, and we believe this partnership will help people/employees to live a smoother life.

Sport, 1st step of health prevention

Regular sports practice has real beneficial effects on your health, it improves emotional well-being, physical well-being, quality of life and self-awareness. In fact, regular exercise helps prevent health problems such as stroke, depression, as well as various types of cancer.

UEX, go beyond the role of just providing the insurance, they aim to provide a human centric service and focus on being a real health partner.


About UFIT

UFIT, exist to inspire and guide their community of members to realise levels of fitness and confidence beyond what could be possible by themselves. Fitness isn't their job, it is their way of life.
UFIT is Singapore's largest privately owned fitness organization, with their personal trainers from different backgrounds and levels offering a broad range of skills to suit your individual needs as Personal Training, CrossFit, Bootcamps, Nutrition Packages, Injury Rehabilitation, Body Transformation, Physiotherapy, and Education & Academy.


To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand how your health insurance plans cover the healthcare costs, you can approach UEX's happiness team by email or by phone for more information and guidance - and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, you can obtain a quote for a health insurance contract customized to your needs and requirements - all in less than a minute!