Many of you ask us about health coverage while being a PR (Permanent Resident) in Singapore. Do I need additional coverage for my children under Medishield Life? Is there maternity coverage for permanent residents that covers the costs before and during childbirth?

So we interviewed our Singaporean partner Simon Xu! After working at AXA for 6 years, Simon is now Senior Manager at Great Eastern. He advises PRs and Singaporeans on the types of coverage that exists and what is suitable for individual needs.

Today, he shares with us the basics of health insurance in Singapore for Permanent Residents (PR).

CPF, Medisave, Medishield Life, ISP ... How does health insurance work in Singapore for PRs?

Singaporean health insurance can be seen as a cake with 4 possible layers: Medisave, Medishield Life, Integrated Shield Plan and the "riders".

1. Medisave is the compulsory savings system dedicated to your health costs, made up of your CPF savings and your employer. This system starts up is progressive: you have 3 years once you are PR to reach the required contribution rates. But withdrawal limits exist: $ 450 per day for hospital costs and varying amounts depending on the operations.

2. Medishield Life health insurance . Every PR and Singaporean citizen is covered by this insurance whether they like it or not.

3. If Medishield Life is not enough for you and you can afford more, a third layer exists: the Integrated Shield Plan (IP) . An extension of Medishield Life, IP covers you before and after hospitalization, and allows you to go to class B1 and private hospitals. Not compulsory, you can obtain it through your Medisave savings from private insurers.

7 insurers offer different IPs in Singapore:

However, the majority of PRs and Singaporeans do not fully utilize the benefits afforded by PIs. It is therefore necessary to define your own needs in order to pay for the coverage that will best suit them.

“I think we really have to ask ourselves the question of what we want to cover as a priority and what we are ready to pay”

4. The ultimate layer of the cake: “IP riders” . The riders cover 95% of your bill in the event of hospitalization. They therefore make it possible to increase the level of coverage.

However, the cost will be entirely at your expense (it is not possible to pay it with Medisave).

Finally, here is some information on more specific covers and on questions that we ask ourselves as a foreigner!

Do PRs benefit from maternity coverage? Does it cover the whole process of motherhood, beyond the complications?

→ Medisave, Medishield Life, PIs or "riders" will not cover the costs of childbirth and pregnancy follow-up. However, they will cover pregnancy complications with a waiting period and reimbursement limits specific to each insurance company.

When the child is born, he is automatically covered by Medishield Life, even if his parents are not.

As a PR, is it necessary to take additional international coverage in the event of a temporary return to our country of origin?

You will be covered for emergencies abroad with IPs and some companies may cover routine care, or non-urgent check-ups. For example, if you have a heart problem and your trusted doctor is in France, you will be covered. Simply, no matter why you are leaving, a coverage limit is set at 180 days (6 months).

For a definitive return, you should therefore consider coverage specific to the country in which you are settling.

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